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Abu Dhabi Internatinoal Health Insurance Plans for Expatriates

We can provide a range of options to expatriates with regards to their Abu Dhabi International Medical Insurance coverage. Specific Types of policies we work with include:

To learn more about these types of coverage, and the benefits we can include under these Abu Dhabi expatriate health insurance plans, please follow the above links.

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Resources

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Health Insurance plan for the Abu Dhabi Visa obtention

We are fully aware of plans requirement for Visas and Health Insurances Plans. In Abu Dhabi it is a requirement that you have a Health Insurance Plans in order to have a visa. 


Abu Dhabi Health Insurance pricier than in the rest of the UAE


Overview of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is increasingly emerging as a leading financial services hub in the Middle East. In Recent years the emirate has seen increased levels of foreign investment and large numbers of foreign nationals, or expatriates, are emigrating to the city-state every year.

One of the major concerns for foreign nationals arriving in the UAE, or even in the Middle East, is in regards to the availability of healthcare in the region. Many expatriates who have held an overseas posting will be aware that the quality of healthcare outside their home countries may not be as high as they would expect. This is not the case in Abu Dhabi.

According to World Bank reports, Abu Dhabi is currently the 3rd most popular destination for Medical Tourism in the Middle East, coming after Jordan and Dubai. This alone is enough to prove that the emirate has high quality, comprehensive healthcare options available.


Individual Abu Dhabi Health Insurance

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Individual Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Coverage

We can offer a range of coverage options for individual expat medical insurance plans in Abu Dhabi. In many cases, depending on your specific coverage needs, it may actually be possible for us to tailor a plan to meet your individual requirements giving you the assurance that your policy will afford you with exactly the right amount of protection.

Coverage benefits for Abu Dhabi which we can offer may include:

Please be advised that these are only a few examples of the various types of Abu Dhabi insurance coverage which we work with. If there is a specific coverage benefit which you would like to learn more about, but don’t see it listed here, please contact one a Abu Dhabi health insurance Brokerfor more information.

Individual Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Quote

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 Family Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

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Deciding to have children overseas can be a stressful experience. Many expatriates are concerned about the availability of quality healthcare services with which to provide protection to their family. With A family Abu Dhabi health insurance plan you will have the protection you need to be able to use the emirate’s highest quality medical services and your plan will often continue to provide coverage even if you should relocate away from the UAE.

With an extensive array of Abu Dhabi health insurance companies offering comprehensive family medical insurance plans we can offer some of the most wide-ranging coverage options in the Middle East. We can even offer plans from Abu Dhabi insurance providers who will allow you to include coverage for children free-of-charge if both parents elect to enroll themselves in a policy.

An Abu Dhabi Family Medical Insurance plan is the best way to cover yourself and your loved ones while you are in the Middle East. If you are concerned about relocating away from the GCC at some point in the future our Family Abu Dhabi health insurance plans can travel with you, even if you should repatriate home, giving you the protection you need no matter what.

Family Health Insurance Coverage in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Family medical insurance plans from UAE Medical Insurance will provide some of the highest levels of coverage available anywhere in the Middle East. As a broker we work with the region’s best insurance companies and in many cases we can actually tailor your Abu Dhabi family health insurance plan to meet your specific coverage requirements.

Family health insurance coverage benefits for Abu Dhabi health insurance plans which you may wish to consider include:

If there is a specific coverage benefit which you would like to include in your Abu Dhabi family health insurance plan, but you are unable to find it listed on this site, please contact a us for further information; our consultants will be happy to assist you.

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Group Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

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While Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s largest oil producers the Emirate has made extensive gains in diversifying its economy in recent years with increased weight being placed on service industries. As Abu Dhabi further cements its role as one of the Middle East’s leading financial services centers many foreign organizations are increasingly viewing the emirate as a key location from which to expand across the GCC and Arabian Peninsula.

We offer comprehensive Abu Dhabi group health insurance plans from HAAD authorized insurance companies, including AXA Abu Dhabi.

For more information about Abu Dhabi employer provided health insurance regulations please click here.

Abu Dhabi Group Health Insurance Coverage

Group health insurance in Abu Dhabi is not only a legal requirement for all employers in the emirate, but it can also be a vital tool in attracting talented employees to your organization. In order to qualify for a Group Medical Insurance plan in Abu Dhabi you must have a group of 3 or more people, not related by blood, who will be enrolled on the plan.

We are able to provide extensive options for your Abu Dhabi Group Health Insurance coverage, and in many cases we are actually able to tailor an Abu Dhabi medical insurance plan to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

This means that, in many cases, we are able to structure your Abu Dhabi group medical insurance plan to reflect the differences in seniority inside your company. For example, you may wish to allow C-Level executives much more comprehensive levels of coverage, including policy benefits for Out-patient, Dental, and Maternity coverage, while junior level recent hires may only receive in-patient health insurance protection.

General policy benefits under a Group medical insurance plan in Abu Dhabi can include coverage for:

Groups of 20 or more people can also receive access to a number of coverage benefits which are available nowhere else, including a Medical History Disregarded, or MHD, benefit. An MHD benefit under an Abu Dhabi Group Health Insurance plan will ensure that any pre-existing conditions present within the group at the start of the plan coverage can be covered by the policy. This typically also applies to conditions and coverage benefits which would otherwise be attached to a waiting period, such as Maternity and Dental treatment insurance.

Abu Dhabi Group Health Insurance Quote

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Healthcare and network information on Abu Dhabi.

The capital and second largest city in the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. Situated on an island that juts out into the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a political, industrial, cultural, and commercial center of the UAE. Although Abu Dhabi is known for its financial services and tourism industries, Abu Dhabi’s very strong economy is fundamentally based on its large oil productions. Abu Dhabi is a highly developed, advanced urban center that is known for its wealth. Abu Dhabi, alone, generated 56.7 percent of the gross domestic product of the entire UAE in 2008.

Abu Dhabi’s climate is generally hot, with blue skies throughout the year. The temperatures peak from around June to September with maximum temperatures around 45°C. Visitors who are thinking of visiting Abu Dhabi should avoid these months as during this time, sandstorms also occur quite frequently.

The UAE Supreme Council must ratify all federal laws. However, for all laws pertaining to the health sector, Abu Dhabi has its own governing body, the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). The HAAD not only regulates the quality of healthcare and monitors the health status of the population for the emirate, it also plans and implements the strategies for the health system.

The government subsidizes Abu Dhabi health insurers. If you are looking for health insurance and a resident of Abu Dhabi, your only options are local insurers who are registered with the HAAD. The only alternative is to purchase an international insurance policy before your move to Abu Dhabi or if you have another legal address that is outside of the emirate.

As of 2006, all individuals residing in the emirate of Abu Dhabi must have health insurance provided by their sponsor or employer. This law does not significantly affect Emirati nationals, as they already receive free healthcare from all government facilities. There are several plans that cater to employees of different income brackets. For low-income migrant workers, premiums can be as low as 600 AED ($163.35 USD) a year. Although there have been complaints from workers that the only facilities they are insured at are too far away, since the enactment of this law, around 98 percent of Abu Dhabi residents have been insured, which is still a huge achievement for the emirate.

The largest health concerns facing the UAE are from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and the increasing rate of obesity. In the UAE, one out of five people between the ages of 20 to 79 have diabetes, 28 percent of all deaths are related to cardiovascular diseases, and around 500 people a year die from cancer. As with many industrialized nations, obesity is also a growing problem in the UAE. In a recent survey, it was discovered around 33 percent of children were obese or overweight. In addition, since Abu Dhabi is a very hot and dusty place that tends to have a lot of ongoing construction, respiratory illnesses and heat strokes are other health concerns for Abu Dhabi residents. Try to stay indoors, especially on poor quality air days, and always drink plenty of water and use sunblock.

The UAE in general has been becoming more popular as a medical tourist destination. The UAE is known for the high quality of care that it offers, which are also at a fraction of the costs in the west. Medical tourism packages for the UAE are becoming more and more popular. Visitors not only can get medical treatment, but can also recover in the comfort of a beautiful, warm, beach side resort.

If you are planning a trip or to move to Abu Dhabi, let us help you find a health insurance policy that is right for you. We specialize in the Middle East, and provide in depth information on plans that offer a wide range of customizable benefits, including maternity, dental, family, newborn, and many more.

Our advice is free and impartial. Our knowledge of the insurance industry in the region will allow us to provide you with the information you need to find the insurance that best matches your unique needs and budget.

Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism

In the modern age when thinking about medical tourism many individuals and expatriates around the globe will most likely think of countries such as Thailand, India, or even Singapore.

Medical Tourism, a recently emerging trend, is the act of traveling overseas expressly to receive some form of medical treatment. Only gaining significant traction in the modern age since the year 2000, the first recorded instance of Medical Tourism dates back thousands of years to ancient Greece.

Abu Dhabi may not be the first location that springs to mind when thinking about quality healthcare, but the city has made phenomenal gains in its ability to cater for non-resident healthcare needs over the last 10 years. Abu Dhabi is now the third most popular medical tourism destination in the Middle East, behind Dubai (2nd) and Jordan (1st).

The reason for this success has come about primarily due to increased investment in healthcare services throughout the UAE, of which Abu Dhabi is the capital. In 1970 the entire UAE only had 7 public hospitals, compared with more than 40 today. Of the 40 public healthcare facilities in the UAE, 13 of these can be found in Abu Dhabi itself, along with 9 international standard private hospitals.

Healthcare in Abu Dhabi

Increased investment in healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi has lead directly to the ability of the Emirate to handle increased numbers of patients. Along with Dubai, which is working towards the completion of a dedicated medical tourism complex in the form of the Dubai Healthcare City, Abu Dhabi is also actively working on expanding its medical facilities with which it plans to entice increased levels of affluent foreigners to the city.

The healthcare system in Abu Dhabi is managed by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, or HAAD, while the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, also known as SEHA, manages the operation of all the government-run healthcare facilities and hospitals in the Emirate.

In an emergency situation any visitor in Abu Dhabi is allowed to receive free emergency treatment at an Abu Dhabi public hospital. While you are afforded the option of receiving care at either a public facility, or a private one, it should be noted that should you elect to receive emergency treatment at a private hospital that, as a visitor to Abu Dhabi, you will be responsible for the cost of your care.

However, any elective treatment in Abu Dhabi outside of emergency situations, whether it is received at a private hospital or a public facility, will require payment. While the treatment options provided by Abu Dhabi hospitals are extremely comprehensive, the costs associated with treatment can be high. An Abu Dhabi health insurance plan is essential for any visitors to the emirate, especially if you intend on traveling to the city for the express purpose of receiving medical treatment.

Public vs. Private Healthcare in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has two primary options for the delivery of healthcare; Public Healthcare and Private Healthcare.

The Abu Dhabi public healthcare system offers low –cost healthcare services to residents of the emirate. Costs of the public healthcare system are covered by a mandatory Abu Dhabi health insurance scheme which is funded through payments by employers and employees in the Emirate. The national Abu Dhabi Health Insurance fund is not optional, if you are working in Abu Dhabi you are required to contribute to the medical insurance scheme under Emirati law.

By contributing to the fund you are entitled to receive low-cost healthcare services at one of the city’s 13 public hospitals. However, as with public healthcare services all over the world, such as the UK’s NHS, there are a number of issues associated with government run healthcare systems, namely overcrowding and excessive bureaucratic red-tape. The standard of care is superior to many other public healthcare services around the world, but it can be difficult to see a doctor in a timely manner.

The other option for healthcare services in Abu Dhabi is through the city’s private medical system. Most expatriates and Medical Tourists in Abu Dhabi will opt to use the Emirates private healthcare services. The quality of care at an Abu Dhabi private hospital will be higher than that available through the public system, and in many cases these facilities are more akin to a 5 star hotel than a typical hospital.

However, the superior standards of care, quick availability of services, and the exceptionally high standards of commitment to the patient will all come with an increased cost which must be paid for out-of-pocket by the individual receiving care. In many cases the costs associated with treatment at an Abu Dhabi private hospital will run very quickly into the 10’s of thousands of Dollars (USD). As such, if you are visiting Abu Dhabi with the express intent of receiving medical treatment while in the city you should be prepared to pay for the costs associated with your treatment; one of the best ways to do this is with an Abu Dhabi health insurance plan.

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