Hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Knowing where to get treatment in a new city can be a challenge. Abu Dhabi has a range of high quality medical facilities offered through the public and private systems and understanding how to navigate the Emirate’s healthcare system can pose a number of concerns to any newly arrived expatriate.

Fortunately we can help to guide you to the best healthcare options while you are in Abu Dhabi, and have created a reference guide of the best Abu Dhabi hospitals and medical clinics to ensure that you are able to receive the medical attention you need, when you need it.

Abu Dhabi Medical Facilities

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans from UAE Medical Insurance will allow you to receive medical treatment at the best hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Medical Facilities we recommend include:

Al Mafraq Hospital
Telephone: +971 2 5823100
Type: Government Run Tertiary Care Facility

Managed by Bumrungrad International, which also operates Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok Thailand, the Al Mafraq Hospital is one of the largest medical facilities in Abu Dhabi. Equipped with 451 beds, Al Mafraq provides treatments options for Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Surgical care and Accident & Emergency programs.

The Al Mafraq Hospital operates two Primary Health Clinics in Abu Dhabi including the Bani Yas Primary Health Clinic and Al Nahda Primary Health Clinic.

Corniche Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6724900
Type: Government Run Maternity Focused

The Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s leading maternity healthcare facility. A JCI accredited institution, the Corniche Hospital focuses on the delivery of maternity related healthcare and treatment, and is the UAE’s top referral medical institution for obstetric and neonatal care. Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi is able to deliver a range of maternity related healthcare with special treatment provisions for Fetal Medicine, Neo-natal intensive care, and maternity emergency care.

Owned by the SEHA, the Corniche hospital is managed by John’s Hopkins Medicine International.

National Hospital / NMC Specialty Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6711000
Type: Government Run

Opened in 1973 as a single room clinic, Abu Dhabi’s National Hospital is able to provide 100 patient rooms with an extensive staff of 150 doctors. JCI accredited, the National Hospital of Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of specialty services and general treatment options, and is centrally located in the city of Abu Dhabi.

The National Hospital has made an extra effort to liaise with international health insurance companies, ensuring that your Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan will allow you to seek the highest levels of treatment available at this medical facility.

Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre
Telephone: +971-2-6102000
Type: Government Run Tertiary Medicine

Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center is a JCI accredited Hospital located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. With 568 beds for patients, 14 outpatient clinics providing specialist medical services, and a major UAE blood bank, the Sheikh Khalifa is able to provide an extensive range of healthcare services to expatriates and Emiratis in Abu Dhabi.

Formed in 2005 following the merger of a number of publically owned Abu Dhabi healthcare facilities, Sheikh Khalifa medical centre is under the management of the Cleveland Clinic, one of the highest rated Hospitals in the USA.

Delma Island Hospital (Delma)
Telephone: +971-2-8781888
Type: Government Run Tertiary Healthcare Center

Located in the western region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Delma Island Hospital is able to provide decent standards of medical care to expatriates and Emiratis in Abu Dhabi.

Ghayathi Hospital (Ghayathi)
Telephone: +971-2-8741666
Type: Government Run Tertiary Healthcare Hospital

A 52 bed in-patient facility, Ghayathi Hospital is able to provide quality medical services to expatriates and Emiratis located in Abu Dhabi. This facility offers in-patient surgical options in addition to day and outpatient services.

Madinat Zayed Hospital (Madinat Zayed)
Telephone: +971-2-8846888
Type: Government Run Secondary Healthcare Hospital

Part of the Al Gharbia Hospital Group, Madinat Zayed is the largest hospital within the Al Gharbia group of medical facilities. As the primary referral hospital in Abu Dhabi, Madinat Zayed Hospital has 138 beds and is able to treat a range of medical conditions. Additionally, Madinat Zayed also provides a number of tertiary medical services in the form of Cardiology treatment, neonatology, nephrology and dialysis.

Madinat Zayed is also working towards the completion of a full service Dental treatment ward, state-of-the-art Accident and Emergency center, and is striving towards more complete service offerings in the areas of obstetrics and gynecology.

Al Ahalia Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6262666
Type: Private For-Profit Hospital

Run by the Al Ahalia group and with both ISO 9001:2008 and JCI accredition, the Al Ahalia Hospital in Abu Dhabi is one of the emirate’s leading centers of medical excellence. The multi-specialty hospital is able to provide a phenomenal range of medical services, including offering treatment for Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Maternity and more.

The Al Ahalia Hospital has a number of pharmacies, located widely around Abu Dhabi, in addition to operating 6 satellite medical centers elsewhere in the UAE. With 75 doctors, 80 pharmacists, and an extensive nursing staff, the Al Ahalia hospital is able to provide some of the highest quality medical treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Al Noor Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6265265
Type: Private For-Profit Hospital

Established in 1985 as a polyclinic, Al Noor Hospital is now one of the leading hospitals in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Al Noor Hospital provides an extensive range of medical services to patients, and was the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi to receive both the ISO and JCI accreditations. Additionally, Al Noor Hospital has won a number of awards since the year 2000, with some of the awards including:

  • 1st Middle East Arab Health Award in 2003 for Best Public - Private Partnership in Healthcare
  • International Award for Best Performance 2002 from the Council of International Awards in the U.K.
  • Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) Gold Category - Healthcare Sector Award 23rd November 2009.

Al Salama Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6711220
Type: Private

Founded in 1979 Al Salama is one of the oldest private hospitals in Abu Dhabi. With 40 beds available for patients, Al Salama is committed to quality care and personal service whilst providing the highest levels of care possible. ISO and JCI accredited, the Al Salama hospital works on a philosophy of personal relationships between doctors and patients, and can help to make you feel comfortable about the healthcare you receive while in Abu Dhabi.

Dar Al Shifa Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-4435555
Type: Private

The first private hospital in Abu Dhabi to be licensed by the Ministry of Health in 1982, the Dar Al Shifa hospital has the goal of being the largest single-service medical facility in the entirety of the Middle East.

Operating under the values of Dignity, Sincerity, Honesty, the Dar Al Shifa hospital is able to provide Abu Dhabi patients with a wide range of medical services. In order to provide medical treatment offerings which are both comprehensive and flexible the Dar Al Shifa hospital has created extensive relationships with many of Abu Dhabi’s leading health insurance companies; giving you the assurance that your Abu Dhabi medical insurance plan will cover the cost of your treatment at this facilty.

Centre Medical Franco- Emiren
Telephone: +971-2-6265722
Type: Private

Often seen as a major alternative to the Corniche Hospital, the Centre Medical Franco-Emiren is a favorite choice for expatriates in Abu Dhabi who wish to receive treatment at a leading private hospital.

Gulf Diagnostic Centre
Telephone: +971-2-6658090
Type: Private

The Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital works with the aim to “put your health in safe hands.” Open since 1996 and based in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the GDC Hospital has evolved from a single medical diagnostic center into one of the UAE’s leading healthcare facilities. Offering a full range of medical and surgical options for both Emiratis and Expatriates alike, the GDC hospital has a number of comprehensive treatment options.

This Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital specializes in General Surgery, Family Medicine, General Medicine, OB-GYN Services, Internal Medicine, and many more. The GDC has been awarded the highest category of A+ by Abu Dhabi’s national health authority, and has a full JCI accreditation.

Al Raha Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6330440
Type: Private

Founded in 1983 as a general practice clinic, Al Raha Hospital has gone through a number of innovative changes to become one of Abu Dhabi’s leading hospitals in the current age. An approved medical center for pilgrims wishing to undertake the Hajj and Umrah pilgramige, Al Raha is able to provide a wide range of medical services.

With extensive inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities, a fully equipped ambulance service for Accidents & Emergencies, Al Raha has the mission of extending care and improving community health to all individuals, families, and groups currently residing in Abu Dhabi.

LifeLine Hospital
Telephone: +971-2-6335522
Type: Private

Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi has become one of the favored medical facilities for expatriates an Emiratis located in Abu Dhabi. A JCI acreddited institution with awards of excellence including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award and Daman Quality Award, Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi is able to afford an extensive range of comprehensive medical services.

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