Top 6 Venues to Watch 2014 World Cup in Dubai
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Top 6 Venues to Watch 2014 World Cup in Dubai

Are the neighbors complaining that you are too loud while you cheer on your favorite team for Fifa 2014? Here are some great options to get out of the house and watch all the action.

Top 6 Venues to Watch 2014 World Cup in Dubai

Fifa World Cup madness is already in full effect, and if your team is still in the running: Congratulations! And because watching sports on TV by yourself at home is pretty lame, here is a list of some of the best places in Dubai to go and cheer on your favorite nation. Or, if your team is already out, you can at least drown your sorrow in a beer while hoping their biggest rival loses down the road.

Time Café

Rivaled only by an actual electronics store in terms of televisions, Time Café boasts 40 big-screen TVs, the largest two of which are giant 100+ inchers. Basically this means that you can see the players in full-scale. Plus, Time Café has promised to stay open until every airing match finishes, so you will never get cut off just because it’s closing time. Want decent food, cheap drinks, sports showing no matter where you turn your head, and live music after every game? Time Café has you covered.

Locker Room

Just like the name sounds, this rowdy sports bar is about as close to the action as you are going to get in Dubai; complete with locker room language and a very limited amount of personal space during games. A popular haunt with the European fan base, it may not be your best choice for cheering on any team not from the Continent, but if your European team does make it to the final this will be exactly the place you want to be to watch them do battle. Just be sure to get there early if you hope to have even a chance at getting to the bar for a pint.


Mexico may surprise us all this year. And even if they don’t win it all, thanks to Ochoa (the goalkeeper) who has already proved himself in an outstanding match against Brazil, Mexico is sure to be one of the most exciting teams to watch. What better to go with Mexican soccer than Mexican food? Loca does some of the best in Dubai, all in a casual atmosphere with eight TVs on the walls, so there isn’t a bad seat in the house for watching a match and stuffing your face.

Fibber Magee

This place is about as close to a neighborhood pub as you can get outside of the UK; slightly lowbrow, very welcoming, lots of beer options and outstanding food. There are plenty of TVs spewing every game, so grab a couple of friends and tuck in for a bite and drinks while you watch your home team (hopefully) rise to victory.


Just because you like sports doesn’t mean you have to spend every evening in a sports bar, especially if your date, spouse or family is ready for a break from soccer already. To keep them happy, and still be able to at least keep an eye on the score, consider Carter’s in the Pyramids at Wafi. The modern, laid-back interior feels upscale while still staying casual and unpretentious. When the food arrives it gets even better, because the menu is a delicious mix of gastro-pub grub served with passion and flair, while maintaining enough restraint so that everything isn’t finished with foams and “airs.” Plus, all the games will be aired live until closing, but with the volume down so that you can enjoy your company and conversation while still keeping tabs on the score.

Moroc Lounge

If Carter’s is still not enough to impress your date, up the ante by heading to Moroc Lounge in the Mövenpick Hotel. Even from indoors you will have a view of the famous Ibn Battuta Gate and the Arabian-inspired décor, a great wine selection, cool signature cocktails, and fantastic tapas-style small plates intended for sharing -- all of which will definitely go along way toward setting a romantic mood. Be sure to sneak a glance of the games from time to time, but keep your eyes on your significant other the rest of the time. Alternatively, if your date is suddenly getting into the Fifa spirit, Moroc will also be setting up projector TVs for football fans to cheer for their favorite team on the outside veranda.


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