The Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Cultural Iftar 2014
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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Cultural Iftar 2014

It’s never been easier to explore Emirati and Islamic culture with Cultural Iftar, a once-a- year program aimed at bridging the gap between Islamic and non-Islamic cultures. We explore five of the best reasons to make sure you get yourself down to the Cultural Iftar this Ramadan.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Cultural Iftar 2014

Living and travelling abroad means exposure to cultures and practices significantly different to those you may be used to. For the many individuals that have relocated to or are visiting the UAE, understanding all of the region’s traditions can be daunting -- and it was in this spirit that the Cultural Iftar was first created.

Iftar refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast around sunset, before the Maghrib prayer during the month of Ramadan. The Cultural Iftar helps educate outsiders about the customs of traditional Emirati heritage and allows people from all walks of life to take part in this unique experience. We count down some of the best reasons to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s Cultural Iftar.

5. You Can Experience The Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood Up Close

Dubai is known for its opulence. With its towering skyscrapers and luxury hotels, the city is truly a shrine to the ingenuity of mankind and will to create the unimaginable. But surrounded by these monuments to modernity it is easy to forget that Dubai was once a humble fishing village. Attending the Cultural Iftar allows you to experience a different side of Dubai. The Cultural Iftar is held in the courtyard of the wind-tower house in the heart of the traditional Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, giving insight into what Dubai was like in times past. In addition, you’ll also get the chance to visit a mosque and have the opportunity to learn about the UAE’s culture and tradition.

4. Ask Any Questions You May Have About UAE Culture

The Cultural Iftar is designed to be a learning experience for guests about all aspects of Emirati culture, and is intended to be a two way street. The open nature of the event actively encourages audience participation, and guests are invited to ask any questions about Ramadan and the culture or traditions of the UAE in an open and non-judgemental forum. Now you can learn about any aspect of local family life and Islam that you may have always wondered about.

3. It Is The Most Comprehensive Iftar In Dubai

There is no shortage of offerings for Iftars in Dubai - with buffets, shisha and a range of other food related activities - but none have the same educational component as Cultural Iftar. The comprehensive program offers visitors a far more complete understanding of the Iftar. The evening begins with the call to prayer (Adhan) and breaking of the fast with dates and Arabic coffee. From here you can observe the hosts pray before Iftar is served, and then you join your hosts to visit the Diwan Masjid and finally return to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding house for tea and desert.

2. Kids Can Develop A Greater Sense Of The World Around Them

There are few activities that can provide such an important cultural education for children as the Cultural Iftar, especially if they are spending an extended period in the UAE or the Middle East in general. Locals, expats and visitors alike are able to increase awareness and promote understanding of the numerous cultures that live within Dubai. Best of all, the event is free for all children under the age of 12 and at just AED 135 for adults, it’s one of the cheapest, most culturally important days out for the family.

1. You Will Gain A Greater Understanding Of Emirati and Islamic Culture

It has been said that one of the most defining tools in shaping an individual’s view towards other races and cultures is proximity to people of other backgrounds. When people are exposed to other cultures and allowed the opportunity to understand the cultural values of those people, they inevitably realize that whilst we may have different outlooks on life and religion, there is a common thread of humanity that ties us together. Activities such as the Cultural Iftar are an important way to help bridge gaps in understanding between differing cultures and to bring people together in a respectful manner. If you are interested in learning more about Islamic or Emirati culture, the Cultural Iftar is a must-visit event.

The Cultural Iftar 2014 is located at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding  and runs from the 28th of June to 28th of July. Advance booking is recommended. For more information you can click here or book online.


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