3rd part of cost of health insurance report released
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3rd part of cost of health insurance report released

UMI, working with Pacific Prime, has jointly launched the third article of a three report on the cost of international health insurance. With a regional focus, this article provides solid high level oversight of what an expat can expect to pay for an international individual health insurance plan.

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Starting in April of this year, UAE Medical Insurance (a licensed division of Medstar, a wholly owned Pacific Prime subsidiary) jointly launched the first part of our cost of health insurance report with Pacific Prime. The month of May saw the release of the second part, and finally, we have released the third article of the report. Titled: The cost of health insurance in different regions, this article takes the 94 countries in the report and groups them into different regions.

This guide, which is essential for expats and companies considering moving or opening a new office, and will need to purchase a new individual international health insurance plan. To help, we have broken the countries up into five regions:

  • the Middle East
  • Asia
  • the Americas
  • Europe
  • Africa

with each region being further divided by demographic (Single, Couple, Family, and Retiree). Each demographic has premium information from six top international insurance providers, presented in three plan levels:

  • Plan 1: Inpatient coverage
  • Plan 2: Outpatient + inpatient coverage
  • Plan 3: Maternity + outpatient + inpatient coverage.  

This is displayed in the form of easy to read graphs and analysis. This format allows you to quickly pinpoint the type of insurance premium you are looking for, and then compare prices to other locations in the same region.

For example, if you are currently operating in Dubai, but are considering opening a new office in the Middle East - say Kuwait - there is a good chance that you are going to need to secure health insurance for any expats you send over. This guide can let you quickly see and compare the premiums in the region - giving you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.  

Comparing the UAE with the rest of the Middle East

In this part of the report, the UAE has been grouped with the Middle East region, which includes 12 other countries (13 in total). With the UAE’s strong medical services field, not to mention recent reforms that have made it mandatory for all foreigners living in Dubai to have health insurance, you would think that insurance would be among the most costly in the region. In fact, of the countries included in the Middle East, premiums in the UAE are in the middle, with Israel being the most expensive.

Some other comparisons from Article 3 that can be made include:

  • For an individual considering a Plan 2 premium in the Middle East, you will find that the majority of plans are on par with many of the other countries in the region.
  • Couples considering a Plan 3 plan will find that the premiums are quite spread out in the UAE, with some plans on the cheaper side and others on the more expensive side. This indicates a wide spread of premiums, which means you have more options for plans that will meet your budget.
  • Like the premiums for Couples, those for Familes are equally spread out, meaning that while you aren’t paying the least in the UAE, you also aren’t paying the most.
  • Retirees considering the region can expect to see a wide spread in premiums in all countries.

To learn more about premiums in the region, download the report today. It also includes an analysis for each section and at the beginning of the report. This analysis explains why each country has the same high cost outlier, influences on costs, and more about the plans.

Download your FREE copy today from Pacific Prime’s Cost of Health Insurance website.


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