Endometriosis and Insurance in Dubai: A Pre-Existing Condition?
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Endometriosis and Insurance in Dubai: A Pre-Existing Condition?

For women in Dubai, life is busier than ever and there are many things to worry about. It may not be realized by many, but 10% of women worldwide have an extra worry on their plates, as endometriosis affects them. What is endometriosis? Find about more about it here, as well as how to protect yourself from it.

Endometriosis is a condition many people have never heard of – surprising seeing as an estimated 1 in 10 women will experience it at least once in their lifetime.

Every month during menstruation, the tissue that lines the uterus grows and – if no fertilized egg is present – sheds. However, in some women that uterine tissue escapes and is found in the fallopian tubes, on the outer lining of the uterus or elsewhere around the pelvic cavity. This migrating tissue then builds up and breaks down every month, just as it would inside the uterus – causing pain, lesions, and even infertility.

Endometriosis has also been linked to feelings of chronic fatigue, pain during sexual intercourse and problems in the bowels. Doctors aren’t sure what causes endometriosis, but we do know it’s possible to live with the condition for many years without being aware of it. That’s why women who experience any of the common endometriosis symptoms – such as severe pain during menstruation or infertility – are recommended to talk to their doctor about endometriosis.

You can read more about endometriosis on the Dubai Health Authority’s website.

How is endometriosis diagnosed and treated?

Endometriosis may be difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar to other gynecological conditions. A physician will normally discuss symptoms with his or her patient, do an internal pelvic exam and, if the doctor feels there’s a good chance of endometriosis, conduct an ultrasound or a surgical laparoscopy examination to look for patches of uterine tissue inside the body.

If endometriosis is found, a gynecologist may recommend a less invasive option, such as painkillers, as in many cases endometriosis will clear up on its own. Hormone therapy or birth control is another treatment method that stops endometriosis by preventing the body from ovulating. When a woman uses the pill, the patch or a hormonal IUD, her uterine cells no longer go through their monthly cycle of building up and breaking down – which means patches of endometriosis stop causing pain and eventually die out completely.

In severe cases, a patient may choose surgery to treat her endometriosis. The operation is fairly intensive as it requires general anesthesia, but for women who have failed to cure their endometriosis with other options – or who can’t use hormonal methods because they are trying to get pregnant – surgery may be the only choice.

Is it covered by insurance?

Many insurance policies institute a one year waiting period before any gynecological services can be accessed. If you are concerned about endometriosis, it’s important to get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible to learn further details of your coverage for endometriosis consultations, diagnosis and treatment. Some policies may also refer to endometriosis as a pre-existing condition, even if the disease was undiagnosed when your insurance plan began.

UAE Medical Insurance believes in the importance of endometriosis care, which is why we partner with insurers who do not exclude endometriosis coverage under a pre-existing conditions clause. To find out more, contact UAE Medical Insurance’s knowledgeable agents today. They can give you a free quotation, as well as comparisons between every plan that meets your specific needs.


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