Can you use the new DHA kiosks?
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Can you use the new DHA kiosks?

The DHA has recently announced that they will be installing kiosks around Dubai that will allow people to renew their health insurance quickly and easily. The question is, will you be able to use them to renew your insurance?

The date for the implementation of the third and final stage of the DHAs new mandatory health insurance initiative is fast approaching, and within a matter of months, it will become law for every person in Dubai to have health insurance. For many already living in the city however, there is a good chance that they already have compliant health insurance, since the implementation of Stage 2 finished last year. This means that you may likely already be looking at renewing your, or your employees health insurance.

On the topic of renewing, the DHA has recently announced a new renewal method that will soon be available to residents. Here, we take a look at this method and whether it will be useful to expats and businesses who already have complaint plans and are looking to renew plans in the near future.


New way to renew health insurance in Dubai

At the end of March, the DHA introduced an interesting new renewal method that will certainly make it easier for many people to renew their plans. According to Gulf News, "UAE residents with annual essential health benefit insurance cover will soon be able to renew their policy with a single swipe of their National ID or insurance card at kiosks set up in petrol pumps or shopping malls through credit card payment."

Reports have also mentioned that the DHA has setup an online site that will soon be live that will allow residents to renew their insurance online. This move highlights a current trend in the health insurance industry: Leveraging technology to make accessing, using, and maintaining a plan easier for the user.

This is certainly a novel concept, that if executed properly will give residents essentially no excuse for letting their health insurance expire. Combine this with the recently announced fines for not having proper insurance and it is clear to see that the DHA is serious about ensuring people have adequate insurance.


But there's a bit of a catch

There appears to be a slight limitation on this new scheme: From what we understand, the kiosks will be primarily for essential health benefit plans. These are plans offered by a number of certified insurers in the city and offer the basic mandatory level of coverage.

In other words, if you have a plan that is not labeled as an essential health benefit, say a robust local insurance plan, or an international health insurance plan, then you likely won't be able to renew using these kiosks.


Other ways to renew your plan

If you have purchased something other than an essential health benefit plan, there are other ways you can renew your existing health insurance coverage. One of the most effective ways is to work with a company like UAE Medical Insurance. Coincidently, if you have a plan with us already, our renewals team will contact you closer to the end-date of your plan with renewal options. If you are happy with your existing coverage we will take care of the paperwork, leaving you with just the responsibility of paying the premium.

As always, premiums are on the increase and in Dubai they are expected to increase even further in the coming years, as our partner Pacific Prime's 2015 report on medical insurance premiums highlights. Plans with the lowest premium increase one year may not always have the lowest increases in the years to come.

This can make renewing your plan a chore if you are looking to find the best value on your insurance. This goes for both individual and group plans, which means that working with the experts at UAE Medical Insurance can be beneficial. We can help identify whether your current plan is working and suggest alternatives or ways you can tweak coverage to ensure you are getting the best value.

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