Find your best fit in health insurance: An infographic
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Find your best fit in health insurance: An infographic

Have you ever found yourself at a loss as far as knowing what you really want from your health insurance? UAE Medical Insurance's global partner, Pacific Prime, has released a new infographic with valuable information on the questions that you should either ask or answer the next time you are looking for a new medical insurance policy. A mere 9 criteria can put you well on your way to finding the best possible health insurance plan for you and your family.

For so many of us, we know just how we want things to be. If we go to dinner, we know how we should be treated by the wait staff, and we have expectations for the quality of the food. When it comes to getting a tailored suit, we know not only how it should look on us in the mirror, but also how it should feel on us so that we maximize comfort. Many people, however, really have a hard time knowing exactly what it is that they should be asking for when it comes time to buy a new health insurance policy. Unless you work in insurance or a related industry, or you have had the misfortune to have used your health insurance extensively for many years, it can be difficult to pinpoint not only which benefits your health insurance plan should feature, but also the amount of coverage that each benefit should provide.

Finding a good health insurance plan can be especially problematic for people that move to a new country, such as new expatriate arrivals here in the UAE. Whether it be communication issues or cultural differences, sometimes your priorities can become lost in translation when working with local insurance providers. As a result of this, many expats tend to opt for researching local plans on their own, bouncing from website to website of local insurers to compare plans and prices. There is a much easier way, however.

By working with an insurance broker in Dubai, like UAE Medical Insurance, you can minimize the amount of time that you have to put into finding the right plan. Our insurance advisors will do all the leg work and provide you with plan and pricing options that you can then choose from. This does not fully address the problem, though, because you still won’t know which plan is the best fit for you. So on what criteria do you base such an important decision?

Well, as it just so happens, UAE Medical Insurance’s global partner, Pacific Prime, has created an infographic outlining exactly what kinds of questions you should have asked and answered before you decide on which medical insurance plan is right for you.  According to them, there are 9 different areas that you should be most concerned with when gathering information for your decision, which include:


  • Timeline
  • Insurance
  • Future
  • Job
  • Family
  • Age
  • Activities
  • Health
  • Behavior

Just reading these points here certainly won’t provide you with the answers you may be seeking, so have a look at the infographic that can be found at Pacific Prime’s website. It will go into more detail on each point, and (hopefully) lead you to the best health insurance plan you and your family have ever had. Be sure to utilize this information to be one step ahead of your insurance agent or broker the next time you meet with them!


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