Pacific Prime Dubai: UMI’s new insurance partner in the UAE
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Pacific Prime Dubai: UMI’s new insurance partner in the UAE

We are proud to announce we have a new insurance partner in the UAE. Pacific Prime Dubai has launched its new website and blog today, and will be working with UAE Medical Insurance to offer the high quality, comprehensive medical coverage you’ve come to expect from us. Operating solely within Dubai, Pacific Prime Dubai is part of the global family of Pacific Prime offices - which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangkok. 

Visit the new Pacific Prime Dubai website today, or keep reading to find out more about our new Dubai health insurance partner.

What does Pacific Prime Dubai offer?

All of the unique and leading services and standards you expect from UMI will be on offer in Dubai through Pacific Prime. Clients can trust our new partner to deliver independent and unbiased advice, negotiating support to strengthen the quality and standards of health plans, and the advantage of using the long-standing Pacific Prime reputation to deliver the best solutions from the best providers. In particular, Pacific Prime Dubai clients can expect:

International health insurance for individual and family

Individual Dubai health insurance plans will be available for single expats, couples, families, and retirees; all from some of the best insurance providers in the world. Plans can be flexible, allowing you to choose from a range of benefits and coverage options, as well as deductibles and excesses that can help you find a plan to meet your budget. As you and any dependents grow older, you can adjust these plans to stay relevant to your needs moving forward.

Pacific Prime Dubai can include things like pre-existing conditions, maternity, vision, dental, and coverage for newborns in Dubai if required. To find out more about Pacific Prime Dubai insurance plans, click here.

Group and corporate solutions

Compensation packages and employee benefits are a specialty area for Pacific Prime Dubai, whose unique corporate approach has a range of advantages for potential clients. Expect tailored benefits to meet staff and company needs, a comprehensive and involved support system to help manage the administrative load your HR teams can find challenging, and a bespoke, in-house suite of IT tools to make managing and monitoring your plan easier.

Best of all, Pacific Prime Dubai can work with its international partners, including UMI, to ensure that corporates with multiple global offices can consolidate and streamline their employee benefits too. To find out more about the corporate solutions of Pacific Prime Dubai, click here.

Travel insurance

Travelling to Dubai requires mandatory health insurance coverage. Those without it can be turned away at the border. Pacific Prime Dubai has a portfolio of travel-related insurance plans that meet Dubai Health Authority regulations, as well as securing your health for your stay in the UAE. To find out more about short-term insurance with Pacific Prime Dubai.



What about Dubai Health Authority regulations?

Like UMI, Pacific Prime Dubai ensures that all policies sold for Dubai will meet all DHA requirements. Our Dubai partner understands the ins and outs of Dubai healthcare better than anybody, so you can trust them to have your back. In case you need a reminder, DHA requirements include:

  • An annual claims limit of AED 150,000 per person
  • Pre-existing condition coverage and coverage for chronic conditions (after 6 months)
  • Inpatient cover (with a 20% excess, maximum of AED 500 per visit)
  • Outpatient cover (with a 20% excess)
  • Maternity cover (with a 10% excess)
  • Medications
  • Essential vaccinations and inoculations for children and newborns
  • Preventative care as stipulated by the DHA (such as diabetes screening)

Insurance solutions offered by Pacific Prime Dubai will include all of these at a minimum, regardless of whether you are a long-term expat, short-term visitor, family, or corporation. Our Dubai partner is well connected with the best insurers to ensure that you have all of the options available to you for Dubai health insurance.

Can Pacific Prime Dubai help me outside of the UAE?

Pacific Prime Dubai’s license is valid only within the boundaries of Dubai, however UAE Medical Insurance will remain your best option for medical coverage across the UAE, and the entire Gulf region. Our expert and experienced advisors will remain committed and available to help anyone that needs a high quality, robust insurance solution outside Dubai. Our partnership with Pacific Prime Dubai simply helps us strengthen our presence in the area, and allows for greater opportunities for clients to choose our fantastic, value-added service.

If you’re looking for an unparalleled broking service, matched with the best plans available in Dubai, check out the Pacific Prime Dubai website today - or view their blog for more information.

If you need health insurance or employee benefits outside of Dubai, contact the team at UAE Medical Insurance today!



UAE-Medical-Insurance is owned and operated by Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers LLC who is regulated and licensed by the UAE Insurance Authority (license number 266).

Registered Office: PO Box 391195, Dubai, UAE