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Insurance for Newborn

Newborn insurance coverage in the Middle East can vary a lot depending on the type of pregnancy insurance coverage that you have.

Unconditional Acceptance

A more comprehensive maternity insurance coverage will offer unconditional acceptance of the newborn into your medical insurance policy regardless of the state of health of your baby. In these cases, the newborn will be automatically covered and can be added as a member of your insurance plan shortly after birth, as long as you inform your insurer. Of course, adding the newborn will also increase the annual premium.

Short-Term or No Benefits

In some other cases, as a part of the childbirth insurance, the insurer may offer free benefits for the child for a period of 30 days or up to $30,000 in benefits. After the child is born, to continue coverage after the period of 30 days, an application must be sent to the insurer as if the newborn is a new applicant. At this point, it is possible that the newborn may be rejected if there are some extenuating medical issues with the newborn.

With some pregnancy insurance cover, the newborn will not be insured after birth. The maternity medical insurance policy will cover everything right up until after delivery. Any complications with the actual delivery and pre-natal care will be included, but after the birth, the newborn is treated as a new applicant. To receive medical insurance benefits, a new application will have to be sent to the insurer. Any medical complications after delivery will not be covered by these plans. Medical treatment at this point will be very high.

Medical Complications

In the unfortunate event where the newborn is born with congenital birth defects or severe health issues, the costs for medical treatment can be very costly. Unfortunately, if your maternity medical insurance policy doesn’t offer unconditional coverage, it is highly likely that an insurer will not accept the newborn as a new applicant. It is important to protect yourself and your family in the event that your newborn is in need of costly medical treatment.

Conditions that are considered as congenital birth defects or health issues:
  • Genetic
  • Immune, respiratory, circulatory system defects, etc…
  • Structural defects
  • Metabolic defects

We can help provide you ease of mind. Costs are the last thing that any parent would want to have to worry about when a child is sick. We can provide you the professional health insurance advice that you need to choose the best international medical insurance policy for yourself and your family.

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