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Having UAE medical insurance in Dubai is important no matter what stage you are in your life. Whether you are a traveler, family, or expatriate, it is important to make sure that you protect yourself and your loved ones from any significant financial loss should an unfortunate illness or injury occur.

We find plans that are specifically tailored for individuals. No matter your budget, age, or location, there is a UAE health insurance plan that can be designed for you.

Plans can be customized with a range of coverage benefits including Out-Patient Treatment, Emergency Evacuation, Maternity, Dental, and many more. This gives you the assurance that your Middle East medical insurance plan will provide you with the exact levels of coverage which you require.

In addition to this, a UAE health plan is extremely flexible; giving you the choice of how you pay for them. Plans can be paid for annually, semi-annually or quarterly, by credit card, bank transfer, cash, or cheque. Policy premiums can be paid in most major currencies, including USD, GBP, and Euro.

We can provide information about options which can significantly lower your premium, such as offering in-patient only plans for catastrophic emergencies, which only provide cover for hospitalization and surgical procedures. To further reduce the premium costs of your Middle East medical insurance policy we can also offer advice on a range of deductibles. In most cases selecting a higher deductible will dramatically lower your overall health insurance costs.

The options we work with will allow you to properly prepare for your future. If you are planning on starting a family while on the Arabian Peninsula or GCC, we can help to find coverage which provides with affordable maternity coverage, giving you adequate time to complete any waiting periods associated with the benefit, and ensuring that in the event of any untoward circumstance, both the mother and the newborn will have the protection which they need.

We do not represent the interests of any insurance provider. Our team of independent insurance consultants is able to provide the most up-to-date information within the global insurance industry and offer unbiased advice to our clients based on any recent developments. You can utilize our years of experience and relationships with the leading insurers in the market in order to find an insurance solution suitable for your unique needs.

Individual health insurance policies which we work with are normally guaranteed renewable, meaning that your medical insurance policy can be renewed for life; you will never have to worry about being unable to continue on the plan. Policy premiums are unaffected by the number of claims made by the policyholder, and will only increase with your age, and global medical inflation.

For expatriates, it is important to note that many UAE health insurance policies are globally portable, so even if you should relocate away from the Middle East, your plan will travel with you, even back to your home country.

It is advisable for clients to keep an insurance policy active with the same insurer if possible, to ensure that you will be covered in the event that you develop any serious medical conditions. If you do develop a serious condition, it is difficult to receive coverage for that condition under a new policy, because the condition will be treated as a pre-existing condition. If you already have a plan, the insurer will continue to cover you for the lifetime of the policy.

All the plans which we work with can be tailored to meet your needs. As you grow older and your lifestyle changes, you have the ability to add or remove coverage benefits as needed. We understand that it is impossible to plan for your entire future now, which is why your insurance plan can grow with you.

We can help you choose a policy that is most suitable for you or your family. For more information about a UAE medical insurance policy, contact us today for free advice and a free quote.

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