We offer medical insurance plans that can cover people in all walks of life. We specialize in providing UAE Medical Insurance policies to the following types of policyholder:

Individual Plans

Protect yourself from costly medical bills. This plan is perfect for any individual or family group looking for a comprehensive UAE medical insurance plan

Family Plan

Ensure your loved ones' health is protected worldwide. These types of plan are great value, because families can often qualify for special discounts.

Group Plans

Significant discounts and other extended benefits are possible for policies with more than 20 members. Companies would be ideal for this plan.

Traveler Plans

Perfect for individuals or groups who travel very frequently. This plan offers a high level of flexibility, and can be tailored according to your travel plans.

Teacher Plans

Specially designed for teachers. Teachers Plans offer educators a discount and the flexibility that they need.

We are committed to helping expatriates living in the UAE or GCC region find the international health insurance policy that is most suited for their needs. As one of the most experienced independent health insurance brokers in the Middle East, our expert UAE medical insurance consultants can offer you information about health insurance policies that will cover individuals, families, travelers, groups, or teachers.

Healthcare services can be very experience in the UAE and across Middle Eastern region. Some of the medical costs throughout the Arabian Peninsula may even be higher than your home country. Traveling or living in these areas without a comprehensive medical insurance plan is not only risky, but can be very costly. Let us help you find an international health insurance plan today, and protect you from high international medical costs.

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Our local experience allows us to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive knowledge of Middle East medical insurance, cultural practices, places to go, and local healthcare in your area. This information can get very confusing, especially when the policies and legislation can change from city to city, or country to country. Let our expertise guide you in your decision. We've created an informational section to help you better understand the health insurance industry throughout the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East.

Some of the information that we've included in this section includes:

Saudi Arabia Abu Dhabi Dubai Oman Muscat Yemen Qatar Bahrain
Healthcare and medical insurance terminology

You can take a look at a more complete list of our city and country guide here and our overview of plans and benefits here.

Choosing an international medical insurance plan is a crucial decision. Contact us today for free advice, so we can begin assisting you in finding the right UAE Expatriate Medical Insurance policy.

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We specialize in international medical insurance plans for the entire GCC and Arabian Peninsula region. Our team of dedicated UAE health insurance advisors is ready to answer your questions and assist you in finding the Middle East medical insurance plan most suited to your specific needs.

Because we are located in the Arabian Peninsula, you can feel safe knowing that we have the most extensive knowledge of the local healthcare network available in the region, and that we can help you to find the hospitals and medical facilities that offer the highest quality of care. If you need additional assistance, you can even meet face-to-face with one of our Arabian health insurance consultants who has specific expertise on your current location.

Let UAE Medical Insurance help you achieve the ease of mind that comes with knowing that your health is taken care of, and contact us today.

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Our longstanding experience of, and relationships with, the leading global insurance companies allows us to provide an impartial opinion on the best UAE and Middle East health insurance plans available. We are able to offer unique insight to the world's best insurers, which is only accessible through decades of experience.

Because many of the companies we work with are international private medical insurance providers, you are not limited to coverage solely within the GCC or Arabian Peninsula region. We can help you choose an international health insurance policy which can protect you on a worldwide basis, and may even continue to offer coverage should you return to your home nation.

Please be advised that this list is not exclusive. At UAE Medical Insurance we are constantly evaluating the market to find the best Global health insurance providers. We choose only to work with reputable companies which are able to offer superior services to their policyholders.

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UAE Medical Insurance is able to provide a range of extended services to customers located outside of the UAE and GCC, or individuals inside the Gulf Region who are planning on traveling abroad in the near term future. By working with quality organizations at a local level we help to enable you to gain greater insight to insurance coverage options no matter where in the world you may be.

For more information about our extended insurance network and added value services please click Global Partners of UAE Medical Insurance.

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