Capital City of Bahrain: Manama

The capital and largest city on Bahrain is Manama. Located on the northern tip of the island that makes up Bahrain, Manama has long been established as a major trading center of the Persian Gulf. With the help of the discovery of oil, Manama quickly developed and expanded into the important financial center that it currently is.

Although oil has been a focal point of Bahrain’s economy, it is trying to decrease its dependence on petroleum. Other industries such as banking, finance, and tourism have seen substantial growth in past years. Today, the primary industry in Manama is financial services, with over two hundred banks and financial companies based in the CBD and Diplomatic Area.

Manama is home to 155,000 people, about a third of which are foreign nationals. Although Manama is an Islamic city, it is relatively liberal compared to some of its GCC counterparts. Alcohol is legal in the country, as long as it is consumed in designated areas. Bars, nightclubs, and nightlife are prominent in Manama. However, the Bahraini government is proposing a ban on alcohol for Muslims.

Manama enjoys a warm, arid climate mostly all year round. Temperatures peak in the summer at around 48°C and reach a low at around 15°C. The most comfortable time to visit Bahrain is either in the fall or in the spring, when the sun is not as strong and there are soft breezes.

Manama is a relatively safe place, with a very low crime rate. Women expatriates and visitors should dress modestly in order to avoid sexual assault or unwanted attention. Violent crimes are rare, but visitors and expatriates should take caution to avoid protests and demonstrations, as they can escalate and become violent.

Manama has a wide range of public and private healthcare facilities. The quality of the infrastructure and services provided at these locations are very high, and should not have any problems treating any type of medical need. Almost all medical personnel working in Manama will speak both Arabic and English. Manama is home to the American Mission Hospital and the International Hospital of Bahrain, facilities that offer high quality treatment on par with western standards.

Medical treatment at public facilities is free for all Bahraini nationals. For expatriate residents using public facilities, there will be a co-payment, meaning that only part of the treatment costs will be covered. Non-resident expatriates have access to public facilities, but will have to pay for all treatment costs immediately.

It is highly recommended that visitors and expatriates purchase an international medical insurance plan before entering Bahrain. Although the quality of services is very high, the expenses, especially at private facilities, can be astronomical.

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