Baghdad Health Insurance and overview of Bagdad

Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq, has historically been a prosperous city that was the center of culture, intellectual development, wealth, and power. Located on the Tigris River, Baghdad was founded in the 8th century. Because of its strategic location between the east and the west, it quickly rose to prominence. Baghad was once known as the “Center of Learning” and to this day, has one of the oldest medical institutions in the world.

However, throughout its history, Iraq has suffered from many wars, invasions, coups, and general political instability. More recently, since the 1991 and 2003, Gulf War and US-led invasion of Iraq, Baghdad’s infrastructures have been largely destroyed. Electricity, medical facilities, and public transportation have significantly deteriorated. Baghdad is still politically unstable, and a target of many terrorist and insurgent groups.

Since 2008, some public facilities have returned, but are extremely limited. There is no consistent source of electricity. Typically, Iraqi residents only have 1 hour of electricity for every 5 hours of no electricity. Public transportation has returned, but is limited due to the damage to many public vehicles and to the metro lines.

Baghdad was once the center of medical research and care for many people and used to provide the best quality of care in the region. However, with all the fighting an escalating violence, most doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical staff have either fled the region, or have been killed in attacks. Iraq is currently pleading for doctors and other health professionals to return, but many are reluctant as the political climate still remains very unstable.

Baghdad’s healthcare facilities are divided into public and private. The Iraqi public healthcare system is currently undergoing a crisis. Public facilities are mostly unsanitary, overcrowded, and lacking in basic medical supplies, staff, and equipment. Most of the Iraqi population is reluctant to use the public facilities except for medical emergencies. Those who have the money either bribe their way to better care in public facilities or just use private ones. Corruption is a large problem in the country, and if someone wants anything complicated done in the country, the person would probably need to bribe someone.

However, private hospitals are not much better. Although private hospitals are cleaner, and have a steady supply of basic medical equipment, such as rubber gloves, anesthetics, surgical tools, etc., these hospitals are still far from where they used to be. Many lack more sophisticated equipment. In fact, for some serious medical conditions, only public hospitals have the equipment to treat it.

Because of the dangers from terrorist attacks, there are not too many non-profit, international organizations that provide medical support to the Iraqi population.

Visitors and expatriates should be careful. Always do your research before you find yourself in a situation where you need medical assistance. Find a trustworthy clinic or doctor, and become familiar with their staff and location. Once you arrive, immediately register with your embassy in order to get the latest news and information on political dangers or health risks.

Always purchase an international medical insurance policy before going to Baghdad. Unfortunately, due to the high-risk nature of the region, international health insurance premiums may be quite high or may not cover any injuries sustained from acts of war or terrorism. However, it is still useful to have international insurance because they can provide emergency evacuation in the event that you need medical assistance outside of Iraq.

We are an independent team of experts who specialize in advising on medical insurance in the region. Our years of experience and knowledge of local legislation enable us to help you find an international insurance plan that suits your needs and budget.


Individual health cover in Bagdad

An individual health insurance plan, as the name states, gives a private individual with health insurance benefits concerning the specific policy bought. Policies are frequently available with comprehensive coverage and emergency-only, with the latest often being extremely adjustable to meet a variety of requirements. For further information on this kinds of coverage, visit individual Baghdad medical insurance coverage policies.

Group health cover in Bagdad

Designed to cover many different persons, group health cover plans are most usually chosen by firms to protect their workers, but may also fit to protect other organizations such as sports teams and travel organizations.

Group medical insurance coverage is generally the most adaptable protection available because it must be able to cover quite anybody in a specific team. The benefits available are broad and it is always necessary to consult with an adviser before buying to discuss your needs and your organizations situations.

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