Emergency Assistance in Iraq

Although Iraq has been progressing since the establishment of the new government, the quality of its healthcare services still remain quite low. There are health clinics throughout urban areas of the country. However, the majority are understaffed and poorly equipped. Iraq used to be a center of medical research and treatment for its region. However, since 2003, many Iraqi doctors, nurses, and healthcare personnel have fled the country. There are also not many non-profit organizations that operate there due to the dangers and instability of operating in the country.

There are private hospitals in Iraq that offer better services. However, do not expect the quality to be the same as your home country. Private hospitals also suffer from many of the same problems as public ones do, such as a lack of up-to-date equipment. However, private hospitals tend to be less crowded, and at least have a good supply of basic medical equipment, such as bandages, rubber gloves, anesthesia, drugs, and surgical utensils. However, if you find yourself in a life or death situation, public hospitals may actually be better because private clinics lack special equipment that public hospitals have.

If you do find yourself in need of assistance, there are emergency numbers to call, but the best way is to get yourself to a doctor in the area, as ambulance services are slow and unreliable. Always do your research before you need it. Find a doctor in your area, and keep his contact information handy. If you are unsure of where you can find a reliable doctor, try asking the locals, the Board of Tourism, your embassy, or your insurer.

  • Police: 104
  • Fire: 115
  • Emergency: 122
  • Airport: 8130000
  • Board of Tourism: +964 (1) 5372870/69
  • National Bureau of Tourism: +964 (1) 5370454

The best method of remaining safe while in Iraq is to take preventative measures. Before you go to Iraq, be sure to get all your health checkups to make sure you are healthy. Bring ample supplies of the medication you need, and register with your embassy to get the latest updates.

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