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Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel, and the internationally recognized capital of Israel. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909, and has grown rapidly, merging with other cities and towns near it. Today, Tel Aviv is home to around 3.3 million, and a popular tourist destination known for its 24-hour culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Annually, it attracts over 1.6 million tourists. Tel Aviv is not only a rich cultural center, it is also an economic hub and financial capital.

Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean coastline. Visitors going to Tel Aviv will find a Mediterranean climate with hot, humid summers, and mild, rainy winters. Springs and fall can be unpredictable, and weather can vary from year to year. Tel Aviv is generally humid all year-round. Winter temperatures range from 9 °C to 17 °C, while summer temperatures are typically around 26 °C. Generally, most rainfall or precipitation occurs in the fall, spring, and winter.

Israel has a national health insurance scheme in place for its citizens. All Israeli nationals are required to enroll in one of the four health maintenance organizations (HMO) in the country. HMOs offer a network of hospitals for members, which offer most medical treatments, with the exception of more complicated procedures. However, nationals also have the option to purchase supplemental insurance from the HMO.

Generally, Israel has a high quality of medical care. Expatriates and visitors are able to use Israel’s public facilities, but will have to pay for the costs. Public hospitals may be more crowded than private hospitals, but can offer a similar level of care. There are also many quality private hospitals in Tel Aviv. Private hospitals have the most up-to-date equipment, experienced staff, and almost no waiting time. Medical staff in both public and private hospitals generally speaks English and Hebrew.

Although medical treatment is cheaper in Tel Aviv than it is in many other western countries, visitors and expatriates are still strongly advised purchase international medical insurance. Basic medical services may be affordable, but in the unfortunate event that a serious injury or illness occurs while you are abroad, the medical bills can be quite high.

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Personal medical cover in Tel Aviv

Plans are usually available with both emergency-only and comprehensive coverage, with the latter often being extremely adjustable to meet a range of needs. Designed to cover several different individuals, company medical insurance plans are most commonly purchased by firms to protect their workers, but can also fit to cover other organizations like sports teams and travel groups.

Company medical insurance coverage is usually the most flexible protection available because it has to insure almost any person in a particular community. Consult Tel Aviv group coverage policies for thorough more information. We are not an insurance company, nor are we owned by one.

We all belief at that you, the individual, have the last right to choose what protection, if any at all, is suitable for you. All we do is procure you the free information and coverage details you require, and leave the rest to you.

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