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Amman is the capital city of Jordan, and is known as the country’s political, cultural, and commercial center. In addition, it is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Amman has a population of 2.8 million as of 2011, but is expected to grow to around 7 million by 2025 due to constant immigration. Amman is a very modern and developed city, and has been named of the region’s best cities based on economic, labor, environmental, and socio-cultural factors.

Amman is reputed for being one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East and Eurasia region. The Jordanian media is generally unrestricted, and Jordanian women and men are allowed to dress in whatever way they please. Amman is a popular destination for many artists, many of whom are expatriates from troubled countries nearby. Jordanians and visitors have freedom of religion. Amman is home to many religions, including Islam, Christianity, and many others. It is not unusual to see many churches and mosques in Amman.

Amman is quite hilly, and has a semiarid climate. Summers are generally warm and winters are cold. Spring is quite short and mild, lasting about a month. Temperatures can be as high as 14°C and as low as 7°C.

Amman is the center for Jordan’s healthcare system, offering a high quality of healthcare, with advanced and well-equipped hospitals and clinics. Amman’s healthcare is on par with western countries in North America and Western Europe. The cost of medical treatment is also 25 percent cheaper than it is in the west, which makes it a growing medical tourism destination.

Amman has both public and private healthcare. Private healthcare is much more expensive than public healthcare. However, private hospitals tend to have shorter waiting times, and more up-to-date equipment. Public hospitals may also be more crowded and offer less privacy. Despite the differences, both public and private hospitals can offer very good medical treatment.

Expatriates and travelers should look into purchasing international medical insurance when going abroad. Despite the lower costs of medical care in Amman, costs can still be very high, especially if you require complicated medical treatment.

There are many medical insurance plans that can cover you while you are staying or living in Jordan. No matter your budget or requirements, there is a plan that can be tailored for your needs. If you need advice, we provide free assistance to anyone looking for medical insurance.

Health policy in Amman is widely accessible from a number of sources, to fit just about any need.

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Amman company health insurance

Group insurance is one of the most elastic protection accessible and because it is offered by numerous recognized insurers, there is sure to be a policy available to fit your group’s requirements. To learn more about the requirements, limits, and insurance options accessible for you, consult our Amman group insurance page. We are an informational document, comprehensible and simple. All what we do is procure you the free knowledge and coverage information you require, and leave the rest to you. We can give you accurate, current information and responses to the inquiries you may have, quickly and efficiently.

We are experienced medical insurance consultants who have been working in the region for many years. Our knowledge and expertise can help you find the plan that fits you best.

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