List of Hospitals in Jordan

There are a number of hospitals in Jordan that offer high quality care. However, as with many other countries, this high quality does come at a price, especially if you visit them without health insurance. If you plan on visiting or moving to Jordan it would therefore be a good idea to secure comprehensive international medical insurance.  

One of the major benefits of international medical insurance is that you have access to your provider's 24-hour hotline which can provide up-to-date information about hospitals and suggest the best facility to visit based on your medical needs. 

UMI also provides free assistance for any expatriates or travelers looking for medical insurance. Contact us today for free advice on an international medical insurance plan. To provide further assistance, we have created a list of top private and public hospitals in Jordan.  

Arab Center for Heart and Special Surgery 
Jabal Amman 
Fifth Circle 
PO Box 3128 
Amman 11181, Jordan 
Tel: + 962 6 592 1199 
Fax: + 962 6 865 280

Stradina Hospital 
Pilsonu 13 
Riga, Latvia 
Tel: + 371 2 761 1412 

Hussein Medical Centre 
Near 8th Circle 
Tel: + 962 6 813 813

Italian Hospital 
Tel: + 962 6 777 101

Jordan Hospital 
Queen Nour Street 
P.O. Box 520248 
Amman 11152 
Tel: + 962 6 5620 777 
Fax: + 962 6 5607 575

Speciality Hospital 
P.O. Box 930186 
Amman 11193 
Tel: + 962 6 5609 609 
Fax: + 962 6 5697 425 

University of Jordan Hospital 
University of Jordan Street 
Tel: + 962 6 845 845


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