Palestine Travel Tips


There are buses that operate on limited routes and times, except for areas around Jerusalem. Generally, we’d recommend travelers to use shared taxis, which are quicker and only slightly more expensive. Buses, like shared taxis will wait until the car is full.

You can easily find shared taxis at bus stations or parking areas. Fares are fixed and overcharging is rare. Shared taxis come in many forms including minivans and regular-sized cars. You can spot a shared taxi from its distinct black stripes on front, back, and sides marking. Pay the driver directly once the car has started or wait until you’ve reached your destination.

Private taxis are also available, but fares will have to be negotiated in advance. Some taxis will operate according to the meter, but this is rare.


Because of ongoing conflict and instability in the area, travelers should register and keep in contact with their country’s local embassy. Always make sure that your identification documents are safely in your possession as there are many checkpoints in the area.

Contrary to the past, most Palestinian cities are relatively safe as long as you avoid areas of conflict.


  • Take off your shoes when you enter someone’s home.
  • Women are not required to cover their heads unless they are in a mosque.
  • Unless you want to attract negative attention, try not to wear obvious symbols of the Jewish faith.
  • Women should avoid tight fitting and revealing clothes, and men should avoid wearing shorts.

As a foreigner, people may call out to you as you walk down the streets. This is generally not meant to be hostile. However, at night, you should be more aware and vigilant of your surroundings.

  • Do not drink tap water, including ice cubes.
  • Hire a guide or translator to avoid trouble.

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