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Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the second largest by population and area after Abu Dhabi. Dubai is situated south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Because of its geographic location and its oil supplies, Dubai is an important financial and trading hub for the entire region.

Dubai’s history extends back to 1095, and was mostly under the control of different clans in the region. However, Dubai, as we know it today was established in 1971 after the UK left the area. Dubai is a popular place for many western countries to have their business as the emirate’s many free trade zones allow for unrestricted import of labor and export of capital. The city has steadily been expanding, and growing. However, in 1990, during the Gulf War, and in the recent financial crisis, the city has suffered from some financial setbacks.

The majority of Dubai’s population is made up of expatriates, most of which are from South East Asia. This has been a point of controversy for Dubai because many of the South Asian workers are laborers, and suffer from poor living standards.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two emirates with veto rights and their own healthcare governing bodies. The Dubai Health Authority is responsible for administering, regulating, and maintaining the standards of the government healthcare system.

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Health Insurance and cost of care in Dubai

Dubai has a large number of clinics and hospitals that you can choose from. However depending on where you go, the cost of treatment and the quality of care can greatly varied. If you want to access to the leading hospital in Dubai the cost will be very high and similar to private facilities in Europe and the rest of the world with the exceptions of US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. If you are looking for a health insurance plan in Dubai please feel free to contact us.

Dubai public healthcare is free for all Emirati nationals. Dubai offers a very high level of care that is on par with the west. Cost for medical treatment is slightly lower than the west, but still very high. Expatriates living in Dubai can apply for a Dubai health insuance card, which grants them access to public facilities. However, expatriates will have to pay for all medical bills. Although public facilities are a bit cheaper than private ones, it is not far behind. Without insurance coverage, one can expect to pay around $100 USD for a basic doctor’s consultation at a public hospital. The cost of healthcare has dramatically risen in the past decade, which has become an increasing burden on the emirate. There have been proposals of creating a compulsory employee insurance scheme. However, with the economic crisis of 2007, the idea has been tabled for the time being. The Dubai Health Authority is aware that the only way to curb the emirate’s rising medical debt is to ratify such a proposal, but whether one will be passed remains to be seen.


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Dubai Public & Private Medical Facilities

The private health Dubai sector is also thriving. In addition to the large number of private hospitals and clinics that can be found throughout the emirate, Dubai also has an area called “Healthcare City,” which is a center for a wide range of specialties, healthcare brands, and professionals. Although Dubai’s public healthcare centers are very good, private facilities generally have a shorter waiting time, more English speakers, and up-to-date equipment. However, the quality of the treatment is also reflected in the price. Private healthcare in Dubai is very expensive, and can cost thousands of dollars for treatment. Without a private Dubai health insurance plan, the costs can be astronomical, depending on the type of treatment that you are receiving.

Expatriates and visitors are strongly advised to purchase an international private health insurance Dubai plan or check to see if your current plan covers treatment abroad before arriving in Dubai. In the unfortunate event that you require medical assistance, medical costs can be several thousand, depending on your condition. Protect yourself and your family from financial risks with a comprehensive international health insurance policy.

An individual medical coverage policy, as its name indicates, provides a private person with health insurance benefits concerning the distinct insurance purchased. Plans are commonly available with both comprehensive coverage and emergency-only, with the latter often being extremely adjustable to meet a selection of needs. For furthe informations on this kinds of insurance, consult personal Dubai health insurance coverage plans.
Family health insurance plans in Dubai usually extend all the same benefits as an analogous personal plan. For more details consult our Dubai family medical insurance page.  For Dubai medical insurance plans, what do they all have in common is that they are all want to cover you, your family or firm if a situation arises needing health treatment or care. Read on to see how they differ and find out which may be best for you, as well as what must be considered prior to plan selection and purchase. For ultraprecise and unfailing in Dubai, Ach of our medical insurance informations come directly from the insurance companies themselves and our database is continuously being updated to show up-to-date data just like premium rates.

If you require assistance on deciding which plan and insurer to choose, our team of medical insurance consultants can help you decide. We work with the top insurers around the world, and can provide you with impartial advice based on your personal requirements and budget. In addition to providing initial support, we can also help you administer the policy for as long as you have it.

Our services are completely free. Our years of experience in the UAE region can help provide you with the help you need.

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