List of Hospitals in Yemen

To provide further assistance for your travels, we’ve compiled a list of a mix of public and private hospitals in different major cities in the Middle East region. To ensure your safety, always keep a list of local hospitals handy when you are traveling.

There are hospitals in Yemen that can provide a high quality of care. However, the costs at private and public hospitals without medical insurance can be very expensive depending on your medical condition. Protect yourself and your family with a comprehensive medical insurance plan that offers international coverage.

In addition to this list, if you have international medical insurance, you can contact your insurer’s 24 hour hotline. They can provide up the most up-to-date information about the quality and location of hospitals and physicians in your area.

We provide free assistance for any expatriates or travelers looking for medical insurance. Contact us today for free advice on an international medical insurance plan.

Al Jomhury Hospital
Al Mahweet
Telephone: 07- 404-487

Al Saber Hospital 
Al Manssora P.O. Box 14055
YE Aden
Phone +967 2 347 400
Fax +967 2 347 366

Al-Salaam Hospital
Jamal St.
Telephone: 03-252-691
Telephone: 03-239-269

Al Salaam Hospital
Telephone: 07-512-785/8

Al-Thawra Hospital
Al-Khoulan St.
Near Bab Al Yemen
Telephone: 01-246-966/ 246-983

Al-Thawrah Hospital
Telephone: 04-224-332

Army Hospital
Telephone: 06-302-297

Hadhramout Hospital
Telephone: 05-303-501

Ibn Sina Hospital
Address: Zubairi Street
P.O. Box 12677, Sanaa, Yemen
Telephone: +967 1 533 330
Fax: +967 1 217 605

Military Hospital
Bab Shaoub Area
Telephone: 01-222-513/4

Modern German Hospital
Address: Taiz road
Telephone: 608-888

Sweden Hospital
Telephone: 04-216-218

Yemen-German Hospital
Hadda Road Near 60-Meter Road
YE Sana'a


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