Out-patient Claims


Generally, claims made for out-patient or dental treatment is paid for by the policyholder initially. An out-patient claims form is then filled out and attached with the receipts. Upon receiving the claims form, the claims department will reimburse the policyholder, after any deductibles have been taken into account, normally within 10 days.

Our knowledgeable claims team can help you fill out any out-patient claims form to ensure that the claim is submitted properly. This can help you avoid a long claims process due to incomplete or missing forms or documents.

We are dedicated to providing you assistance with your medical insurance policy. If you would like to receive more information about medical insurance in the UAE or Gulf region, please contact us today.

As intermediaries in the UAE we frequently get asked what out-patient coverage is ? Out-patient coverage refer to your doctor visits, specialist and can even include prescription medication and diagnostic tests. It is important to have out-patient has your coverage, and especially if you have a family. Generally speaking out-patient plans would have caps and sub limits so it is very important for you to review your plan to see what those are. If you have any further question about out-patient plans, please feel free to contact us.

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